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  1. Just got the 2-Door ADV 5" fenders installed

    Dusty those turned out nice.
  2. Bronco hit by red light runner 5 days after buying it! 🚨😫

    If the motor is not damaged the front core can be replaced. Get a good steel aftermarket Bumper. Fiberglass front fenders and hood. new radiator and misc stuff. The front end looks straight. Just a possibility
  3. Johnson Valley / Bronco Knoll Off-Roading With 25+ Broncos

    I had a fun time there. AJ did a great job leading the way. A few electronic fails on the on X APP. but AJ quickly corrected the problem . The picture with the 5 Blue Broncos, mine is the 2 door with the red roto pax and the flag. Me and my wife were up there on 9-8-22. It would have been my...
  4. My DIY Electric Hoist for Bronco Hardtop

    Key Note Roll Bar. If rolled it won't do nothing but collapse. So you're correct. Why not a Chromoly round tube roll cage that fastens to the Frame from front to rear. At least as a option that you could pay for. I would rather have a full cage with off road seats and 5 point harness over air bags.
  5. 🍂 Show me your Fall (Autumn) Photos! I’ll start.

    Johnson Valley California Desert The Bronco Knoll No Color here lol.
  6. Pre-order live!! A new innovative ARB Twin Compressor mount (within spare tire mount)

    There is a wire back there that can be used for the switch. But you have to run the fat power wires to the battery. Under the frame or take plastic off inside. If you go under the Frame just make sure to put the wire in a wire loom to protect it. You wires can go through the tail lights or they...
  7. Pre-order live!! A new innovative ARB Twin Compressor mount (within spare tire mount)

    The ARB hose coupling in the rim is not center of the hole. Maybe you didn't finish installing the tire correctly and that's why its off center. If so, someone should have waited to get the correct pic. Those couplings you need a good grip to put the hose on and off. I don't see how you can get...
  8. Ford Bronco ARB BASE Rack – First Look!

    2 door, but I think it needs to be front to rear because of less space in a 2 door. Maybe the 4 door will fit on a 2 door just add a bracket from the front accessory mount. Then your base rack fits both platforms. Your price I think is too high. Should be in the $900.00 range. Then once its...
  9. Blew BOTH CV Axles Out at the Same Time

    something is not right you see Sasquatch suspension in most pics then you see Camburg suspension in other pics Why is there Sasquatch shock pics and Camburg suspension pics? Did this happen with stock suspension on a Sasquatch package? Or Camburg? Your tires are not stock, are the 35s or...
  10. Cool Tribute or Junkyard Dog? Chanel gets Coco's funky Color Scheme!

    It turned out great Dusty. Im glad I got to meet you and your wife and see your Broncos in person at the Big Bear Bronco Bash. The ride you led on Saturday was great . Me my wife and friends were glad we showed up for the ride. The views where great on the trail. The BBQ and the band was a great...
  11. SRQ Fabrications 2Dr AMB Wildtrak Bronco Build

    I ordered the 2 door Rock Sliders. I Just called you today LOL. Mine should be made and shipped out by the end of this month . I can't wait they will look good on my 2 door Velocity Blue Sasquatch. The rear Bumper is looking good.
  12. Bronco Apple Watch Faces

    My badge is just a Sasquatch on it. I think if you can make that one would be great, Thanks.
  13. Bronco Apple Watch Faces

    some people have the Sasquatch version why not make one that is only Sasquatch not attached to any version? Also you didn't make a base version.
  14. New PRP seat covers (marine grade vinyl) installed

    Nice! These are the covers I am going to get I just need to make up my mind of the color combo. I am thinking the carbon fiber black and blue to go with my dark grey interior and velocity blue exterior.
  15. 2 Door and 4 Door Roof Racks by ZROADZ

    I agree. To me its a little fancier than the factory one. It's not giving you a whole lot for the money. For that price its should at least give you a basket. Yakima is about a $1000. to add to the factory rails. Then they have accessories mounts for Offroad equipment . I think the Zroadz rack...
  16. How to Install Factory OEM Ford Bronco Roof Rails 21+

    they do seem sturdy I think if you lift the shell with rack on top may work. The rack is very light weight to remove though.
  17. How to Install Factory OEM Ford Bronco Roof Rails 21+

    I have a 2 door hard top. Shouldn't matter its a Base Sasquatch. I removed my factory rack with a second person. Once it is all together just remove the bolts on the front window and use the weird tool Ford gave you to loosen the rear clamps. 2 people lift and walk backwards worked for me. The...
  18. Metalcloak Introductory Giveaway - Undercloak Skid Plate System For 4-Door Bronco!

    I have a 2 door Bronco, so just confirming this is only for 4 doors only to enter and win this contest?
  19. Broke my Bronco’s tie rod on rack and pinion 🤬

    I just watched several videos not Broncos but they did replace the inner one . needs a special tool that im sure amazon or harbor freight will have. So the rack is probably ok. Maybe if ford just makes bigger rack rods only then it would be a simple fix.