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  1. dash display automatically brightens/dims - normal?

    is this normal and if so, is there any way to make it constant at a fixed brightness? cannot figure it out! thanks
  2. PRP Seats on a 2 Door - installation help!

    Love the new seats but cannot figure out how to install the rear seats - anyone installed them on a 2 door and have any tips for the rear seats (not the seatback, the seats themselves) - i have not been able to to figure them out! thanks
  3. Chrome colored side stripe for body crease

    Wondering if there was any interest in doing a body crease decal in chrome with a black middle to mimic the 1G trim piece - I think it would look really cool with a chrome Bronco script
  4. 2 Door Eruption Green Retro Build

    First post here and appreciate all the great ideas I have gotten from others. Recently took delivery of a 2 door Badlands after about 2 years and have been excited to start implementing some of my plans. The mods I will be doing are cosmetic and the Badlands will be a daily driver with...
  5. 2 Door MIC top tinted glass

    Put aside whether this is a mistake, I am thinking of replacing my tinted MIC top glass with non-tinted. Any opinions on whether there is a market for the original tinted glass after I replace it? Appreciate all feedback
  6. Best Way to Check Invoice Prices?

    Anyone know where to find that online? Trying to double check the invoice prices i was given - I may be paranoid, but after waiting this long I want to make sure I am paying the right amount. Thanks
  7. Finish of 1G Argent Silver Grill

    Anyone happen to know this? I am getting a 6g Grille painted in Argent Silver like the 1G but don't know exactly what the finish was - I assume from looking at photos it's satin? Thanks for any help
  8. Modified door inserts/armrests/dash/console

    I know some folks have done it and posted in other threads, but cannot seem to locate them through the search function - I am looking for some ideas/inspiration from those who have modified their door inserts/armrests/dash/console. I remember seeing one in red in particular that looked like it...
  9. rear headrests removable?

    Waiting on mine to arrive but wondering if the rear head rests are removable - thanks!
  10. Aftermarket - Quadratec

    Awhile back I recall reading that Quadratec was creating a sister sire dedicated to the new Bronco - anyone know when that will ramp up? seems like the aftermarket has not arrived in full force generally and a company like that becoming a player should kick it in the pants
  11. In production since 5/1 - anyone know the rough time table?

    Good morning all, I have been in production since May 1 and am curious the timetable for receipt - any educated guesses? Thanks in advance!
  12. Finish of 1G Wimbledon White top

    At some point I will be painting the MIC top Wimbledon White, anyone know what the finish was on the 1G Bronco tops with that? Or is there a case to be made that it should be one finish over another? Thanks!
  13. No Front Camera on Badlands Mid Package?

    I know it's crazy that I don't know this and I ordered a Bronco, but can someone confirm that the Badlands with mid-package does not have the front camera? I plan to replace the grill when mine comes in and want to make sure i get one without the camera opening (assuming mine doesn't come with...
  14. Best matching amber vinyl tape

    Anyone know which amber vinyl tape would best match the side blinkers? my research shows there are various shades and i don't have my Bronco yet! thanks for any help
  15. 2 Door Slider Rear Windows via aftermarket?

    like this would have been so cool and functional - anyone care to guess if an aftermarket supplier might produce this?
  16. New York Want to Trade: 2Dr Tinted MIC Top for 2 Dr Untinted (Base) top

    Looking to trade a Tinted 2 Dr MIC top for a Base untinted one - in the NYC metro area so parts of Ct, NJ and even PA would work - thanks
  17. Anyone running 17 inch GFX Wheels in +12 offset on a Non-Sas?

    Specific question about this wheel/vehicle combo - trying to see how it looks poke wise on an actual non-SAS - the tire/wheel calculator shows a 285/75/17 (so 11.3 wide tire) poking 1.69 inches - hard to tell if that's too much for me without actually seeing one. Thanks
  18. How does "Measured Rim Width" affect tire width, if at all?

    On the Tire Rack site and it shows the width of a Toyo 285/75/17 tire is 11.3 on a Measured Rim Width of 8. If the same tire were mounted on a 9 inch wheel, would the 11.3 width change? If so, how - wider/thinner? I am trying to obtain an aftermarket wheel/tire set up that keeps as tucked...
  19. Photoshop Request from TechDope

    Wondering if anyone could photoshop the Heritage wheels in silver/chrome, and the slot mags, on this Green two door? Trying to decide whether to custom some slot mags or wait for the Heritage wheels to be available and get them chromed - I like both wheels, but I think the bigger slots are...
  20. Seat Covers over Molle Paneled Seats?

    Has anyone done this? I ask because my understanding is the Badlands (which I am waiting on) has Molle panels in the back, however I am hoping to install PRP white MGV seats. Has anyone covered their Molle panel backed seats and, if so, how did it work out? I am going to email PRP right now...